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Picking Good Furniture For Your House When You Have Kids


The living room is an important part of the house as it is where you spend time with the family. It is also the place where your guests spend most of their time. Therefore, careful consideration is required when choosing this furniture. You should also consider the fact that you have children and your guest may visit you along with your children. This article will guide you on Picking Good Furniture for your House When You Have Kids.


  • First, you need to take measurements. It is necessary to know how your furniture will be placed in your home in order to leave room to maneuver. This is especially so if you will have children who tend to run around and bump on the furniture.
  • Secondly, you need to make a floor plan once you have taken measurements. This will help you decide what piece of furniture will go where or on what spot in your living room. Sketch the different places in the room and use different patterns in order to be certain where you will place your furniture when it arrives.
  • Thirdly, it is important to check the door way measurements. This will prevent any potential mishaps that would happen in case the furniture gets to big and there is not enough space or leeway to open the door or pass through. This is necessary where children are concerned as children tend to run through doors and this would be risky if there is not enough space due to furniture.
  • Fourth, for the sake of the children, consider the height of the furniture that you get. You do not have to buy furniture that is so high that if the children fall from it, they may injure themselves.
  • Fifth, consider stains when buying furniture when you have children around. Since you do not want stains on your new furniture, consider furniture that can be easily cleaned in case of stains. Children tend to play around with some stain leaving material sometimes. It may be paint or dirt from their shoes from outside. Consider these stains when getting furniture. You may want to get stain resistant fabrics for the time being before the children grow up.
  • Sixth, consider the strength of the frame when buying furniture. This is due to the fact that children tend to play on the furniture when you are not looking or when you are not around. This means that you need furniture with a strong frame should this scenario arise. It will mean that your furniture lasts longer despite the constant test of its strength when the children decide to play on it.living-room-living-with-kids-3889

When it comes to aesthetics, you may want to consider some furniture that will be attractive to the children too. Drab leather chairs are not good for children. Consider patterns such as polka dots that will be aesthetically pleasing to your children. Additionally, placing leather furniture may run you the risk of finding the children having defaced it using any sharp object they may come across. Additional pieces such as flat top ottomans can work to your favor. You can encourage your children to make use of these to play on. This way they keep away from the furniture in the seating area. Finally, these few tips will help you in pick good furniture for your house when you have kids and maintain your furniture for longer.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

small bedroom.jpg

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
– We always confuse to arrange a small bedroom. It’s difficult to choose suitable bedroom furniture for small bedroom. We also can’t place a large bunk bed. So, if we have small bedroom we should get some extra ideas to make it look beautiful and still comfortable. DecoratingHome.Net will give you some inspiring small bedroom decorating ideas for your inspiration. Hopefully all this images here can inspiring you.

small bedroom 3.jpg

Luxury Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

small bedroom 4.jpg

Minimalist Bedroom Design


Modern Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

small bedroom 6.jpg

Simple Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

small bedroom 7.jpg

Small Bedroom Design

small bedroom 8.jpg

Small Bedroom in White Theme

Choosing The Perfect Rug – A Guide


Whenever you are decorating or redecorating a home, there are many objects and aspects you need to consider – furniture, wallpaper, colours, appliances and electronics, layout and much more. Once you’re done with the bulky items and the big decisions, then comes the time for the little things that will turn a house into a home by making it comfortable and cosy.


A rug is one of those things that a house can survive without, but a home can’t. It gives the room it is placed in a particularly home-like atmosphere, making it desirable for all family members. With so many available options in today’s market, how are you supposed to choose the perfect rug?

First of all you need to determine what size you need. Take a look at the room you’re shopping for and try to visualise rugs in various sizes and places. Keep in mind that if the rug is going to be placed beneath a table, it will have to be large enough to house the chairs even when they are pulled back. Don’t write down measurements that are specific to the centimetre, but rather a minimum and a maximum – that way you will have much more models to choose from.


The next thing to consider is yours and your family’s lifestyle. For example, if the rug is going to sit in an area you often pass through, it will need to be very durable and long-lasting; a fluffy rug will soon lose its look in such an environment. Also, if you have pets or little children, the rug will have to be easy to clean and maintain; nothing with long hairs in those cases. The probability of the rug being stained can help you very much in choosing a colour – a light-haired pet, for example, will be better off with a light rug as the fallen hairs won’t stand out so much; children that often spill things, on the other hand, will get on your nerves much less if the stains they make aren’t as visible because the rug is darker.


While on the subject of colour, keep in mind that a rug can’t be the centrepiece in the room – it is rather meant to compliment it. Choose a solid colour or a pattern made of colours which are the same as the main colours of the room. It’s a good idea to have some fabrics or materials with you when you go rug-shopping for matching purposes. Remember not to overdo the patterns in the room – if the sofa is patterned choose a solid rug and vice versa.

Don’t fall for trends – choose a rug that falls in line with your style. A rug is not something you will be replacing tomorrow – you will have to look at it for many years to come. So instead of trusting some self-proclaimed expert who states that ‘This rug is the best thing to buy right now’, choose a rug you actually like and want to see in your home.


The price, of course, is very important – some rugs can be quite expensive if they are designer or handmade. Determine the size of your budget before you start shopping and don’t even look at rugs which are out of your range. If you do like something too expensive, however, there is a great chance you can find it somewhere online with a significant discount.

What EveryBody Ought to Know about Baby Swings

Do you know everything about best baby swing? Is it essential for a newborn? What are pros and cons of baby swing? Is it ok to leave your baby in a baby swing all the time? What type swing do you need for your baby? Full-sizes or portable? How to choose the best portable baby swing? What are precaution measures for a baby swing?

baby swing

What is a baby swing?

The baby swing as an infant gear on a stand that swings front to back, and provide slow and gentle rhythmic motion to the child. The seat of the swing where the baby is placed is made up with soft pad and set with a metallic frame. Latest models are ornamented with music, light and fancy toys. The motor in the swing drives the swinging motion and motor is run by battery and plugging cord connected with electricity. Mainly two types of baby swing are available in the market. Full-size baby swing and portable baby swing.

Is a baby swing an essential item?

Although baby swing is a nice companion to your baby and one of the standard baby essentials. It is a helpful hand to you also. But all the standard items are not affordable by everyone. Without any artificial aid how their babies are soothed and get slept. They have a natural swing, their mother’s warm lap.

 Pros and cons:

The baby swing is made for cheering and providing   comforts to babies and soothing fussy and colicky kids.  Not only that, it has other learning and developing properties for babies also.  For these positive qualities, its popularity and marketing importance is increasing day by day. Despite all these positive advantages it has some disadvantages also.  These are regarding baby’s health, intelligence, emotion and social interaction.

Those babies remain in baby swing more time they cannot get much contact with their parents or caregiver. It affects their feeling and brain development.  According to the developmental neuropsychologist man promote sensory system in their babies if they keep in touch or carry them. Otherwise “basic trust” cannot be created ordeveloped within them.

It affects child and mother bondage and hampers to build the human relationship of biological and psychological foundations. Researchers disclosed that love, trust, intimacy, happiness, and affection – all the human quality develop in our baby from human touch and interaction.

So health experts suggested not to leave the baby in the baby swing for a long time. They recommended using baby swing for a limited time, not more than one hour every day. Baby can take a short nap in baby swing but not for the whole night. He should be transferred to crib or bad. The crib is safer than swing.

What types of swing do you need?

Full-size swing is big in size and takes a decent area of your house. If   space is short in your house and you are to move your baby’s swing from one room to another, the portable swing is your right choice.

Though all the options of full-sized swing do not available in a portable or travel swing some features are common as follows:  Side-to-side or back-to-front swinging motion, Musical melody, Movable fancy toys, features of Vibration.

Portable models also featured with: lulling a baby to sleep, easy to compartmentalize and carry in a car or minivan.  No need for big budget, within a small amount you can get more than 30 options in a typical portable swing.

Precaution measures:

Lastly few precaution measures for baby swing mentioned here:

  • Baby cannot be left unattended in a baby swing.
  • Elevated or inclined surfaces are harmful to the baby. So place the swing in a plain surface.
  • Set lowest speed in the swing for a younger baby.
  • The location should be out of reach of pets like dogs, cats etc.

Diver’s watch – One of men’s favorite accessories

dive watch for men

Diving is one of the most common and existing hobby that is associated with the sea. Since man cannot breathe under water one requires to have an oxygen tank in the expenditure, the problem with this is that this air supply is limited thus one can only stay under water for a certain amount of time. the experience that one gets when involving in this activity might cause one to lose track of time thus the need to have a divers watch. With this watch one will note when time to rise to the service comes.

Electrical gadgets, big or small are not supposed to be exposed to water for it will cause a power short circuit among many other effects that will cause the electrical gadget to malfunction. This leads to the special characteristics the divers watches possess. The conditions of a divers watch should remain constant despite working hazards. The watch is exposed to water and changing pressure levels. This environment will damage a normal watch but the divers watch should have the ability to with stand these changes in environment conditions since the normal environmental conditions differ much from under water conditions.

The first outstanding character of a divers watch that is a must is being waterproof. The watch should not seep in water under any circumstances for this might be a life threatening situation, the watch might malfunction if water penetrates the watches service and without proper time one might overstay under the water and put one’s life on the line. Waterproof in a watch means that no water will seep into the watch. Water proof in diving watches is made in different levels of depth, so the watches come with instructions on how deep the watch can go. This means that not all watches are reliable for all depths, thus to choose a dive watch one needs to know how deep the watch can go and for how long.

The other characteristic that divers watches should have is strength, this will allow the watch to remain intact even hen under different pressure conditions. When a diver increases the distance under water the amount of pressure that is experienced increases too, this means that if a watch is weak then it will break under water and it will be a total loss to the diver.

Exposure of metal to water usually leads to rusting; this happens when a watch is made of iron based material and when the watch fails to dry out completely. So where possible it is advisable that one purchases a watch that isn’t iron based. Where the watch is coated on should make sure that the coating is quality and the exfoliation process will not take place over a period of years.

The other function of diver’s watches that stands out is the ability to be visible even in the dark; some watches have a light producing system, while others tend to be fluorescent. Visibility underwater is not as clear as it is above the surface thus the heed for help in lighting.

Choosing a good quality watch that fits your style

Technology has advanced at a mind-boggling speed since the late 1800’s. Phones are now small, hand-held devices that can perform an unlimited number of functions, including the basic task of acting as a modern day pocketwatch. However, even with all of the ingenuity being poured into electronic gadgets such as the iPhone, there is one factor that continues to outsmart these “smart” phones – time. Daylight Savings Time, changing time zones, celebrating a new year – all have caused Apple users a headache or two as their iPhone failed to acknowledge the time change until several hours later, usually after the user had already missed an appointment as a result of a delayed alarm.

The Significance of a Watch

Watches are unaffected by a change in year, and simply continue telling time, without jumping behind or ahead an hour inexplicably. Watches, specifically high quality watches, can withstand multiple decades of everyday use, and can outlast the nicest smart phone of today. For men, a watch is the one constant accessory that can bridge together several moments of significance in one’s lifetime (proposing to your future loved one, observing a comet, when 9/11 hit, etc). High quality objects with several attached memories spanning multiple decades become heirlooms, and are an honor to receive for future generations. What will the modern day heirloom be? Presently, most personal gadgets are electronic, and will become obsolete sooner than later. As sleek, sophisticated, and as expensive as cell phones and mp3 players are, they will never become heirlooms, nor match the sophistication or dignity of a high quality watch.

Choosing the Watch

There are three primary factors to take into consideration when shopping for a high quality watch:

•    Cost: In the past, the price of a nice watch was set at a minimum of $1,000. Presently, the same quality can be found for around $300. In addition to all of the normal elements that can drive up the cost of a good – brand name, domestically produced – a watch’s cost can vary significantly depending on whether it works by using quartz or mechanical means.

•    Quartz or Mechanical Movements: The majority of modern-day watches contain a thin layer of synthetic quartz, which keep time by receiving electrical charges that create rapid vibrations. These quick vibrations allow the watch to keep time accurately. Synthetic quartz watches are inexpensive, as they do not require any personal craftsmanship, and can be manufactured in bulk at a low cost. Conversely, mechanical watches keep time by utilizing the energy from a wound spring, and must be wound by the wearer every 40 hours. Mechanical watches are the type of watches your grandfather likely wore, as the internal mechanisms are either made by hand, or tweaked by hand in order to assure accuracy (and in case you have more than one auto wristwatches, you might need a watch winder, check out the best watch winders here! )

•    Style: Once you’ve determined mechanical vs. quartz, the next step is choosing a style. There are “timeless” classics, where the face of the watch is about as large as a half dollar; then there is the current fad, where “the bigger the better” rings true. Several high-quality watch manufacturers offer multiple collections, including sports watches, classic watches, and dress watches, and can be made from various metals, including stainless steel, gold, or platinum. Dials and faceplates can be different in color, and different models may come with additional features, such as date display or a second hand.

Choosing a nice watch should take awhile in order to ensure the money has been well spent. If you’re enraptured by the romantic idea of keeping one watch for the rest of your life, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time researching watches. Consult experts, conduct research, and try out several watches before making your decision. After all – it may be your grandchild’s future heirloom.

Top 3 Men’s Watches

In the age of consumerism, finding the top watch amidst a sea of thousands is a lengthy process. Not only are there several watch brands, but there are multiple collections offered by each brand – and then, there are at least ten watches per collection. Once a watch has finally been decided upon, several of the watch’s characteristics are customizable. Since the possibilities are endless and knowing where to start is half the struggle, (and in an effort to simplify the watch selecting process), here are three highlights from some of the world’s top watch manufacturers.

Lorus R2325DX9: A brand produced by watch manufacturing giant Seiko, Lorus was first introduced in 1982 as a stylish line of watches available for less than $200. There are countless Lorus options to choose from, but the R2325DX9 offers several sustainability and several attractive features at an affordable price. With a plastic screwcase back, the R2325DX9 is durable enough to withstand daily use for several years, and also resistant to moisture. Time is displayed on curved acrylic glass in both analog and digital formats, with additional digital boxes displaying the date and day of the week. As it contains a thin layer of quartz, no winding is necessary. Additional features include an alarm and timer.

Fossil Cuff Kaleido Dial Watch: One of the iconic staples of modern day America’s watch industry, Fossil has produced thousands of high-quality, stylish watches since its inception in 1984. Presently, Fossil offers several different lines of watches, ranging from Dressy to Sports to Trendy. The standout model amongst the hundreds of options is the Cuff Kaleido Dial Watch. It’s simple, sleek, sophisticated, and dare we say– sexy? Other trendy watches squeeze in several orbs of data onto one tiny faceplate; this watch displays only time. The only fancy feature this watch offers is the ability to transform the colors on the dial, from textured red to black – at just the touch of a button.

Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss (Mach 6 Chrono): Swiss watches are known for their unparalleled precision and craftsmanship. Victorinox is the manufacturer of the original Swiss Army knife, and is also the sole provider of multi-purpose tools for the Swiss Army. At $1,800, this watch is definitely an investment, but is well worth the price: the mechanical self-winding movements are encased in a brilliant triple coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal shell. Also includes accented chrono sub-dials, tachymeter scale, and calendar with quick-set function.

Several factors went into choosing the top 3 watches in today’s market: overall attractiveness, durability, sustainability, and daily practicality. However, watch selection is a subjective process, and you will soon find there are numerous choices available to satisfy your preferences. The watches listed above are meant to serve as a guideline; choose features that you like from each, cross out those that are not desirable, and select a watch with the configuration that best suits you.

Tips on Improving Your Home

Making improvements to your home not only builds up beauty to your shelter but as well increases its monetary value. Below are the following tips from the experts that may help you in giving your home a valuable change.

Keep Your Home up to Date

What does this mean? If you are trying to sell your home, you should change its design from a more modern one. The contemporary designs of houses today are faster to be sold than the traditional ones. Implement these new kinds of patterns in your home except in the kitchen. According to records, dated or dark kitchens are more attractive than the newer designs. That is why it doesn’t apply to the rule.

Another important division of a house is the bathroom. Be sure that the comfort room is properly tiled. Everything must be clean and attractive to the eyes. The simpler the better, but remember to incorporate those ‘silvery’ showers, faucets, etc. Your guests will surely love staying in your home.

Repaint Your Home

One of the most important things to do when it comes to home improvement is repainting. This is a vital thing to do if you want to give your home a new wonderful look. No matter what kinds of high-tech devices you display in your home, if your home has an awful outer and inside wall, your guests will just see your home as an old creepy house. Be sure that the paintings on your walls are not discolored or tampered. Little damages are okay, but too much, you must really do something about it. Here is an advice. Try to pick the colors that complement each other. Do not use diverse kinds of colors since it will just give a funny look to your house.

Improve the Ambiance of your Home

The ambiance of your home is important for every visitor and of course you yourself. To improve the atmosphere in your house, you must avoid overloading it with devices, especially for small houses since it will just make your house look too crowded, encouraging you and your visitors to think that you are suffocated. Another way to enhance your home’s ambiance is by incorporating fragrance lamps. The fragrance lamps have the ability to clean or purify the air in your home. They eliminate those harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins in the air that may cause various diseases. Simultaneous with this cleaning process is the dispersion of a pleasant aroma in the atmosphere. The scent depends on your choice and there are lots of fragrances where you can choose from.

Enhance Security

Improving your home must not only involve its look or its beauty. You should also remember that everything can be gone in just a snap if the security of your home is not good. When upgrading your home’s security, you can try to:

  • Create a wall between your property and your neighborhood. Be sure that the height is enough that it cannot be easily jumped by intruders.
  • Plant natural thorny hedge around your property. This is much cheaper compared to the first one.

Install various kinds of alarms in your home. There are lots of alarms that you can try an example is the motion sensor alarm.

Top 7 Factors to Consider When Utilizing A Party Tent

Are you planning to host an outdoor party but don’t know how to go about it? Before settling on the kind of tent you will get, it is best to consider the right kind of tent and that will be useful for you. Here are a few factors that can help you decide on the best tent for your party.

Top 7 Factors To Consider When Utilizing A Party Tent

  • The guests: When choosing a tent, you need to keep in mind the kind of guests you will host and their preferences. If it is a children’s party, a colorful canopy would be best as it will infuse a festive mood into the party. For more formal events and business meetings, consider acquiring a spiked tension tent because of their elegant look.
  • The size of the crowd expected: Where possible, use a guest list to help you estimate the number of people who will attend the event. The more the number of people the larger the size of the tent you will need. If your event requires a small amount of people per tent like discussion groups or registration stands, you may put up a small tent such as a frame tent.
  • The duration of the event: determine if the tent needs to be left standing outdoors for a length of time. This may be necessary for events that will stretch for more than one day. Tension and pole nets are the best nets to use during such occasions. For temporary occasions, consider more temporary set ups like canopy tents.
  • Law regulations and permits that are required to set up a tent: Town authorities usually require that you get a permit before putting up large tents. This is mainly to ensure safety especially against fire, there permits are issued by a local fire department. Your tent should also have flame certificate to show that the tent’s materials are flame resistant and comply with fire codes and other regulations.
  • Other activities that will be taking place inside the tent need to be considered. Will there be caterers? Do they have enough space to cook and serve food? Will there be a DJ and what kind of tent will be best suited to produce the best acoustics? What are the sitting arrangements and will people be required to stand?
  • Unforeseen weather changes: The weather might suddenly turn nasty as your event is going on. The lightning that comes with thunderstorms and heavy rain can be hazardous to the occupants of the tents. It is prudent to ensure that the tent is set up in such a way that escape routes are unobstructed and clearly marked. Take some time to brief the guests on the location of these escape routes.
  • Remember that not all roofs are water proof. Tension, pole and frame tents usually have water proof roofs while instant canopy tents are roofed with water resistant materials. The difference between water resistant and water proof roofs is that water proof roofs completely repel water while water resistant roofs despite keeping out much of the water can still allow some water to penetrate.

Porter Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor Review


Porter cable air compressor has a number of qualities like easy adaptation, process of setup and breakdown is quick. It is fully arranged and stable in the box. The user manual is very easy to read and explainable, this makes the tool very user friendly and while facing any trouble it is easy to recover.


There are some troubles with this product. In porter cable air compressor reviews some people seem to getting problem of power capacity and supplementary, but you should know about this when you have to work with it.


Porter cable is a well-known American Company, which produces a lot of power tools. It is also best for manufacturing tools like movable belt sander, band saw etc. They are mainly famous for different types and styles of porter cable air compressor. Among them PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK is very effective. You can use it for refilling tires and different household works like cleaning, finishing etc (more portable air compressors for home use here!). But the air compressor is not good for any kind of heavy tasks.

Advantage of Using PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK:

There are so many advantages of using portal cable air compressor. Now I am describing about some of these:

  • This compressor is excellent for personal use and also for casual use.
  • It works wonderfully when it is used in small and appropriate task
  • It has long lasting metal water valve for cleaning water from tank
  • The starter of this product is best and efficient to work even in cold weather
  • It is very easy to handle and it can be set up very quickly
  • This product’s big advantage is oil-free mechanism. You don’t have to worry about oiling the machine
  • This machine is very handy and portable
  • A small space is needed for the placement of the product
  • This product is mainly for household work and less tough jobs
  • Very safe to use
  • Capable of giving support in the different power label
  • Produces power without any struggle and irritation

Disadvantage of Using PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK:    

As it is a machine, so it has disadvantages too:

  • Because of modern and current technology this product is a little bit expensive
  • The main drawback of this tool is it is a less dependable tool. In comparison to the modern technology this tool needs lots of workout for going to a perfect level. There are many difficulties in parts.
  • Many tasks can be done with this tool. But the huge and rough task cannot be done by this product for its less power. It can be used in only home works, not in bigger products.


The porter cable air compressors has some very smart features:

  • 150 psi (maximum) tank to load and supply sufficient air in the tank
  • 6 SCFM at 90 psi, which helps to recover in time
  • 6 gallon tank for support with rubber feet
  • 120V motor which is very easy to start in cold weather
  • Assembled with a reliable oil-free pump with long lasting option
  • Cover, holder and console cover guard essential components and make the product easy to move
  • It has a weight of 34 pounds
  • Includes Nylon hose which is 25 feet
  • A blow gun
  • Tire barometers and tire chuck
  • Tape
  • Measurement: 19”x18”x21”.
  • 120 V can be consumed
  • Warranty of 1 year (for different parts)
  • Pressure regulator is adjustable
  • Also, it has reset thermal overload protector which helps to cool motor if it gets abnormally hot.

How to use best of it:

While using a portal cable air compressor you must have information

The information is:

  • You should examine and determine about owning this tool. For industrial purposes, you should not take this because of its less power. If you want it for household work, then you must have this compressor.
  • Choose a portable compressor for home not piston type
  • Range of HP depends on its power. Low range HP is better for a house project. This product is best for this option.
  • You also have to consider the space. For lower space this product is ideal.
  • It is a very popular tool because-
  • It can carry in any jobsite with enough power support
  • It is also the best tool for blowing up tires, to give power to air brush kit and for a drive

But there is a most important thing while using this product for the first time. The break-in agenda must be followed.

  • The on/off switch must be off
  • Then plug in cord
  • Remove the drain valve and let the air to go out. This will help to stop building air pressure in the tank
  • Then switch the on button to start the compressor
  • Let the compressor run for 15 minutes. Let the drain valve be open and make sure no air pressure is there in the air-tank
  • 15 minutes later close the drain valve. The motor will automatically turn off because of the cut-out pressure

Now the porter cable compressor is ready to use.

Who need it?

It is an obvious question that who needs a porter air cable compressor. Well, it is not for only the industry or companies. It can also be used in house project. These are the people who needs this product:

  • Do you own a woodcraft industry? You must love to build something, and then this product is the best option for you. As you are familiar with a nail gun, so you know it is a very important tool for speed work. So, own a pneumatic nail gun and power with the air compressor. Though it is little expensive, but it is worth it.
  • People who work in the paint business like furniture, cabinets they can advance their work by using a spray gun which can be powered by an air compressor
  • For a fast and perfect work, everyone can use power tools in the house. There are countless works in the house and you can do with perfection with this power tool.


I can say that the porter cable air compressor is an admirable device for household and lightweight industry works. It is important to complete your work easily and perfectly. So, one should select own power tool on the basis and capacity of their work.

How a Pen & Paper Can Help You Choose Your Property

Choosing a property is something that you need to take seriously and is one of the biggest decisions that most of us will ever make. The property you choose will define how you spend the next chapter of your life, how much space you have to move around in and decorate, how local you are to various amenities, and how much interest you’ll make on your cash.

Going in with all guns blazing then isn’t an option. You need a plan and that means taking some time to prepare. Taking notes and writing down some aspects of this plan can also help and that’s why everyone should keep a pen and paper by their side when they’re house hunting. Here I’ll share some of the ways you can benefit from keeping a dedicated pen and paper on you and how this can help you to get a better deal on a better house when all is said and done.

Properties and Appointments

How A Pen And Paper Can Help You To Choose Your Property

First of all, using a pad of paper or alternatively a diary will be very useful for keeping track of the various properties you are going to view and when. This can help you to avoid missing any appointments and also ensure that you have the numbers for the estate agents and the name of the person showing you around right there. By keeping these details in a notepad with the details of the properties as well, you’ll also be able to check on those other details when looking around and use these to help you make your decisions (‘this is the one with underfloor heating’ for instance). If nothing else, this can help you to avoid turning up for your appointment and forgetting which property it is that you’re looking around (which can be embarrassing).

Writing Questions

How A Pen And Paper Can Help You To Choose Your Property

Using a notepad and paper you can also keep a list of questions you want to ask the estate agents about each property specifically as well as general questions you want to ask about all of them. Too often we will go to look around a property with a whole range of different questions in mind, only to then turn up on the day and find our mind completely blank regarding what it was we wanted to ask. By writing down the questions such as ‘does it have double glazing’ and ‘what are the neighbours like’ means you won’t come away kicking yourself because you forgot to ask a range of different questions.

You can also take a range of other useful details in with you when looking around this way. For instance you could take in a list of measurements for things you want to fit into your property, or a list of things that you want to look around when you’re there (‘remember to check for mould in the bathroom/behind the wardrobes’). Again this can make you more efficient when looking around.

Take Notes

How A Pen And Paper Can Help You To Choose Your Property

Taking notes on each property is also a useful idea when you’re looking around. These notes might be things like ‘has a nice big study’ or ‘has enough room for my piano in the living room’ but this way you’ll then be able to keep the notes where you need them. This is particularly useful then when you go back over the properties you’ve looked at as it means you won’t be wondering ‘which one it was with the nice fireplace’. Keeping all your notes in one place makes it much easier to assess everywhere and to ensure you have a full picture of each place. Furthermore, if you have all these kinds of notes in front of you it can be very useful when you come to start negotiating prices. Being able to say with confidence that there was mould on the bathroom window will catch them off guard and may be useful for getting a little bit knocked off the asking price.

Finally having a notepad to hand can also be useful for taking a range of names and numbers. Whether this is the name of the owner or the number of the local council, there are many details you may have to exchange when looking around and having all these in one place and easily accessible will be very useful.

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